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Home office furniture compared to Commercial Office Furniture
by Terry Canup

Differences in the two can be subtle or dramatic

Now that you have selected the look of your office space, you need to decide whether you want industrial or consumer grade furniture. Both are HON is a
              mjor producer of commercial metal desksavailable for you to buy. Which you choose Wynwood from Fexsteel is a top wood desk producer for
              the homereally depends on your personal use. As a general rule, commercial furniture is built for heavy daily use. You see a lot more steel construction in desks from brands like HON. While functional, these steel desks are not particularly attractive in a home environment. They are not designed for that purpose. Virtually all of the metal products made for home office use are on the very inexpensive side of the business and would not hold up to commercial use. Some even state this on their products.
There are a number of commercial grade wood office groups out there from many different companies. Many of them also make "HO" or home-office offerings, that crossover between divisions. DMI from FlexSteel, is an excellent example. They are currently the #1 manufacturer of commercial wood office groups, and make some of the best home office product, under their higher end Wynwood division.
Wynwood from Flexsteel
Much of the consumer grade product is produced as "RTA", or Ready-To-Assemble. This is also known as "KD" or Knock-Down product. Building furniture in this manner makes it much less expensive to ship. The drawback is that completely KD furniture might not be as sturdy for commercial use. Because of this, most commercial grade office product is shipped as completely assembled furniture from the factory.
Sauder is one of the best RTA
Some manufacturers produce RTA commercial grade. Sauder, and to some extent, Ashley, are good examples. Sauder's higher end product and Ashley's mid-line product is KD, but designed for heavier use. These items ship in disassembled parts. It tends to be less expensive because of production and transportation savings. Ashley's high-end product, like most high-end office furniture is shipped assembled. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of vendors from which to choose, depending on your budget, work requirements, and the look you are trying to achieve in the room.

KD office suitsRecently, Issac Rogers, and others,Rogers Desk have begun producing heavy grade, commercial use products, that come mostly KD. This greatly reduces the cost of transportation and ultimately the overall cost of the finished product. Sold as a la cart,individual items or as office suits. The selections are impressive and attractive enough for home office use as well!

If you just want function to hold up a laptop, you need not spend much money. If you want an office space in your home that makes you feel productive when using it, you may need to expand your budget a bit. If you want a sumptuous office space that presents an image to your visitors, then a wide selection of beautiful furniture is available to you.

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