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How and What to Buy for Specific Rooms
by Terry Canup

A little planning and forethought can make your buying experience a pleasant and successful one.

For what is
                      the room to be used?
While each room is different, the basic concepts can apply to all rooms. Several fundamental things need to be established:
1) What is the room for? (i.e. Bedroom, Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, Study, Office, Den/Rec room)
2) What are the dimensions of the room?
3) How do the built in features of the room effect the usable space? (Windows, Doors, Fireplaces, Counters or Bars, Sunken floor, etc.)
4) What is the flooring in the room?
5) How is the room lit? (Is there ceiling lighting? What type if there is? Recessed, Spot, Dome, Chandelier, Bare Bulb)
6) How many people do you want the room to accommodate?

Once you have determined the fundamentals for a specific room, you can make sound choices about what type of furniture will work within it. For example, a room that is 10x12 with 8' ceilings would have a hard time accommodating a sectional, or a king size bed, or an L-shaped executive desk, or a 10 seat formal table. However, it would do very well with a moderate sized sofa and love, or a queen sized bed, or a desk and small credenza, or a 6 seat dining table.
Larger room increase your options
The same can be true of a larger room, say an 11x14, that is restricted by built in features. If there are two entry doors and two closet doors, with a fireplace on one end, you have to take these things into consideration. Careful consideration will allow you to make solid decisions when choosing your furniture. This will not in any way restrict you from getting the results you want in the room.

Spur of the moment buying decisions can be very successful if you go into the experience with knowledge of your space. You need not have exact dimensions, just a logical ballpark will do. Personal taste and instinct work in your favor here. Choose furniture that will make you happy! If you want a recliner in your bedroom, so be it. Just pick one that fits with the space available.

The specific type of furniture you choose depends on you as an individual, and of course your budget. Place more of your budget where you will get the most benefit. For most people, this will be in their sleeping area, principally, their mattresses. For others, it will be their seating in their entertainment area. For still others, it will be the entry area where guests first see their space. All of these are individual decisions only you can make.
                an idea of how to utilize your space by getting a visual
                of the room in your head or on a smart phone
Start with a good fundamental understanding, and you will create a living space you will love. Check out some of our suggestions on our Pinterest pages.

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